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Welcome to Philip Reklai & Associates Inc.


PRA Inc. specializes in providing a wide range of technology services and solutions that are designed to give you the level of service you deserve .We are experts in IT managed services, and understand how to implement these into your business or home office so that you are more productive and efficient! Our commitment is to understand your needs and goals so you can rest easy knowing your technology is ready to grow and adapt as your needs grow and change. No one wants to be caught with not enough security software, no backups, or systems that are too slow to use.

The security of your systems and data is a critical issue that we are very passionate about. We know it is very important for you to be able to access your files and the internet when you need it. That is why we offer a wide range of solutions to keep your systems working properly and safely.

Our technicians will take care of all your computer needs.


Computer Maintenance & Repair Services


PRA technicians are able to help resolve a variety of technology issues, ranging from the simple to the complex.  Some of the computer repair services that are offered by PRA Inc. include:

COMPUTER/LAPTOP REPAIR – Computer not working properly? We will resolve conflicts and compatibility issues with software application or hardware running on your computer. This will diagnose and troubleshoot both software and hardware errors on your PC/Laptop, and customize the application for your needs. We will also ensure that your software and drivers are updated.

COMPUTER TUNE-UPS – Bring your failing computer back to life with a PC tune-up. We optimize the complete system to allow it to run as fast as possible. A virus scan and computer dusting is included in every tune-up.

VIRUS REMOVAL – Is your computer infected with viruses, spyware, and malware. A virus removal service can remove these infections and repair the damage done. Once the infection is gone, we can install an antivirus solution for you.

HARDWARE INSTALL & REPAIR – We can provide repair service for your desktop or laptop. We can replace all main hardware components on desktop computers. On laptop computers we can also repair/replace screens, hinges, keyboards, fans, and many other components.

SOFTWARE INSTALL & UPGRADE – We install all types of software. If you’re looking at upgrading your computer we can find compatible software and install them for you.




Many times there are very few warning signs of an impending hard drive failure, and most of us ignore every warning our computer gives us.  Also, we cannot always predict possible power surges or what other people are doing on our devices.


Most consumers have hundreds of critical and irreplaceable files, pictures, documents, and music stored on their laptop/computer. A hard drive crash can happen at any time, and generally does at the worst possible time. If you have experienced a hard drive crash, PRA technicians can help recover documents from your failed laptop/computer and get you back up and running quickly.


People are looking for you or your business online, but you’re nowhere to be found. A website is an essential tool for sharing information or promoting products and services that you provide. Get everything you need to create your own website in no time.



Are you planning to launch a new website for your organization? Need a reliable web hosting service provider? Then you have reached the right place.

We offer stable, dedicated website hosting solutions to meet a business’ unique requirements. We also offer responsive web design so that your website can be accessed across different platforms.

We design and code your website based on your needs and ideas!



robotIf you are moving premises, or require an upgrade of your computer network cabling,PRA  can offer a professional and competitive priced design and installation service. We can also carry out a cabling audit, to assess the performance capabilities of your existing computer network cabling.

Networking your office computers provides you with an efficient way to share resources, communicate effectively, automate systems as well as centrally store and protect your data.We can install structured network cabling, install servers, and strategically place network routers, switches and hubs to speed up your business.